After 2 seasons with LA Galaxy Gertruda decided she wants to leave the country.That was Manchester United's chance as they were looking for a new striker.Just as the summer transfer window opened Manchester United managed to buy Gertruda for only $9.5 million.She immediately impressed the manager at a friendly against Juventus.The Red Devils won 4-2 and Johnson scored a hattrick.After that Gertruda was in every newspaper in the whole country because in her first 3 league games she scored 6 goals.The only club she wasnt able to score against was Arsenal as in the 2 matches they played against each other the score ended as 0-0 every time.The Red Devils won the league that year.Manchester United also got to the semifinals of the FA Cup but were knocked out by Sheffield Wednesday who then won the final with Liverpool 2-1.The whole country was impressed with the team as they also beat teams like Chelsea(0-1) and Bournemoth(4-3).Even though they couldnt beat Sheffield they managed to win the Champions League beating Real Madrid in the final 3-2 and Gertruda scored the winning goal in the 82 minute with a beautiful volley from outside the penalty area.Gertruda managed to be the leagues and Champions League top scorer.Ufortunately Gertruda did not have a good relationship with the manager and he decided to sell her.